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Specialized in product protection and packaging safety , Contratil manufactures and markets a specific line of heat-shrinkable PVC seals with special technology and maximum quality.
In Aluminum they are used in sparkling bottles, ciders and champagnes, and can have various background colors such as silver, gold, black, white, among others, in addition to personalized printing. Manual or automated dressing process. Application:Automatic or manual on the production line. Dimensional limits:Top diameter: Ø35mmBottom diameter: 50mmHeight: 90 to 120mm Print:- Continues in the Rotogravure body up to 2 colors.
Aluminum Blister
Aluminum Blister is hard-tempered and free of micro-holes with a non-toxic thermo-sealant lacquer layer compatible with PVC and PDVC sealing, guaranteeing resistant sealing and airtight packaging. Predominantly used in the pharmaceutical industry, it can be printed according to the text and layout approved by the client. Special inks withstand high temperatures in the sealing process, guaranteeing the inalterability of the printed layout. The flat sheet has good printability when applied in the printing processes on the packaging line (Rappa printing). Details:It can be supplied with the printing surface on the matte or glossy side. Thickness of 21 or 25 mic.
In Tubular PVC they are used to seal all types of products: bottles, flasks, pots, lids, which need automatic application. Application:Automatic or manual on the production line. Dimensional limits:Width: 24 to 421 mmThickness: 60 to 120 mic Print:- Flexography- Rotogravure Perforations:- Longitudinal- Transversal- Longitudinal and Transversal
Made of PVC or PET, generally used for products that require a label with the possibility of describing images and texts in a 360-degree area of the packaging, with maximum use of the area on irregular surfaces or bottles that are difficult to apply by other labeling solutions. It can work, in some cases as a seal label, providing greater security and better finish to the final product and its manual garment process. Application:Automatic or manual on the production line. Dimensional limits:Width: 18 to 175mm;Thickness: 40 or 50 mic. Print:- Printing in up to 8 colors. Perforations:- Longitudinal;- Transversal;- Longitudinal and Transversal. Options:- Polyester ribbon (Abre Fácil).
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